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Our annual ask to help save the lives of babies and kids

A personal campaign sponsored by the Rogers-Wong-Jacob family

Support Me

We ask once a year for your help on a good cause; we only ask one, for support for one charity. 

2022 was big, we survived COVID, we got back to seeing friends and family. 

As we start Chanukah, get ready for Christmas and to celebrate the New Year we would like you to consider a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario CHEO. 

in 2016, our Liam arrived early, at about 25 weeks and ultimately had to have life saving interventions during his more than 100 in the Neonatal intensive care unit at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars a day. We want to repay our debt to CHEO and raise money to help them save the lives of other babies and children. We are currently seeing children’s hospitals overwhelmed with this year’s flu season, RSV and COVID. The emergency resources that help the youngest and most vulnerable are overwhelmed and need our urgent help. 

You will get a tax receipt, you will get a warm feeling and you will be putting dollars in the hands of a team that uses the money to help families who's children are in health crisis. 

Please consider a donation of $100, $180, $360 or $500 dollars. 

Merry Christmas. Hope to see your actual human face, in person, in 2023. 

-Eileen,Chad, Mark, Andre, Becky, Jasmin & Liam

PS We do this in memory of our late sister Casey who we lost too young to cancer in 2018. We raise money for Liam in her name.