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$5000 by 50

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May 18, 2022

Support Me

When I thought about the year I was turning 50, I thought I would go to Disney World, maybe take a trip to Italy; I thought I would have an "epic" party only rivalled by my wedding, with friends, music, food, dancing and of course cocktails.  But the die was cast in 2021 and instead our family has been faced with a challenge that we would have never imagined, a challenge that we will continue to overcome for years to come.  I have been blessed however,  since January 2022, to witness the "extraordinary" from the multi-functional team of 6-North.  I will forever be grateful for our ability to access their care and expertise in our time of need.  So for my Birthday, I am asking you to consider giving to the CHEO Foundation.

I am happy to share our story in a more private channel with friends and family.