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Cali Mandzuk

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No words can describe the incredible pain and sadness we are feeling. Cali passed away on Wednesday from an infection called streptococcus b which also caused meningitis. Cali passed away peacefully in her mother's arms. 
Cali you were the perfect daughter we could have ever asked for and even though we feel robbed of the future we were going to have we will always cherish the three weeks we had.
A big thank you to the doctors, nurses and support staff at Cheo for making this terrible time just a little bit easier. 
Also a thank you to all our family and friends that have reached out, it really does mean alot to us. 
We would like to honor Cali by making a donation to Cheo in her name if anyone else would like to make a donation in her name it would mean the world to us. 
Cali we love and miss you dearly