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42 Marathons Fundraiser for CHEO

A personal campaign sponsored by Diego Alcubierre & Family

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On April 6th, we experienced the scariest day of our lives. Our beautiful 8-year old daughter was having a 12-hour open brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of her fist attached to her cerebellum.

This experience was like being hit with a bucket of cold water. Just two weeks before, we were riding our bikes, laughing and having a blast, and now we didn’t know what life would be like after this.

Thanks to her neurosurgeon’s expert hand and the whole team at the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), everything turned out perfect, and just six days later, we had her at home with us.

We are fortunate that she is now safe and sound with us, but not everyone is so lucky. These surgeries are complicated and expensive, and I want to give back by raising funds to help other families in a similar situation.

Kids are an Inspiration

But seeing how she approached the whole experience with two IVs, a tube out of her head to drain the extra liquid, and four big incisions in her head changed my perspective of life and children’s resilience forever.

And although the surgery was more than five months ago, she stills suffers with every visit to the doctor, every new MRI, and still having scabs on her head.

She inspired me to become a better dad and person and prioritize my goals and values.

My family and I will be forever grateful for the hospital and all their staff, and on the day of the surgery, I vowed to help them in every way I could.

The 42 Marathons Fundraiser is Born!

That’s when the idea of the 42 Marathons Fundraiser came to life. It’s my way to recognize and pay tribute to my daughter and the thousands of amazing kids struggling in hospitals around the world.

Running 42 consecutive marathons may seem like a big challenge, and I’m sure it will test my physical and mental strength and will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But compared to what sick children experience and have to endure daily while fighting for their health, it’s just a small feat to take.

The goal is to raise C$42,000 to help CHEO to continue doing the fantastic work they do. CHEO is constantly working to ensure children can get the care they deserve, working to find innovative treatments to offer safer and gentler care.

It would be impossible to imagine, let alone to execute, this work without the support of our incredible donors.

KickOff Marathon

Sunday, September 19th at 8:00am - Faircrest Heights Park - Just Across CHEO

Corporate Partners

Do you have a business or organization that operates in the Ottawa Valley or Ontario?

I will be more than happy to to work with your marketing needs and give your business a shoutout to make this campaign a success. Shoot me an email to help@runnersonfire.com and become a #42marathonsforcheo partner.

No Donation is to Small

️Your donation, regardless of the amount, will help save lives. 

About Me

Hi, my name is Diego Alcubierre, I’m 39 years-old, I’m married and have two beautiful kids. Ultra Runner, Guinness World Record Holder & Ironman Coach,

I only spend my time on 3 things:

  • My family
  • Exercising (primarily running)
  • Helping regular people run faster

For those interested in my running experience and achievements, here is a quick summary:

  • Ironman Certified Coach
  • ACE – CPT
  • Certified Running Coach
  • 80km – 11:47:00
  • Marathon – 2:58:43 (BQ)
  • Half – 1:21:06
  • 10k – 36:15
  • 5k – 16:55
  • Mile – 4:55
  • Duathlon – 15th Place in the 2017 Championships

I will be sharing updates on my progress through Instagram and Strava. Join me and follow the journey.

To know more: http://42marathons.com

Automatic Tax Receipts

After your donation you will receive your charitable donation tax receipt directly from CHEO in your email.