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Keychains 4 Cheo

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March 21, 2021

Support Me

Keychains 4 Cheo!

Starting this January 1st until my 13th birthday on March 21st. I will be selling Keychains for 6$  Through my website. with all proceeds going directly to CHEO. visit www.raynbands.ca 

Having publicly come out as Transgender at the age of 10, I've been very lucky to receive amazing support from my family, friends and community members! But I also received amazing supports and services from CHEO’s Gender clinic.

I have from the very beginning of starting my business in 2018 been compelled to help support CHEO with fundraising initiatives and will forever continue to do so for as long I live.

Having an amazing supportive family and community supporting me all these years has given me the strength to be as open as I am in hopes to inspire other people out there that are just like me. It is why I am currently finishing a book I started writing over a year ago about coming out starting a business at the age of 10 and why I am all about helping others. I hope to self publish this book about my life's journey up until now sometime in 2021. A portion of the proceeds from the book will also be donated to CHEO.

This is not me just soliciting you to make just another donation, rather it’s me asking you to support a hospital department that does so much for every child according to their specific needs! In my case Gender Dysphoria

I believe it takes a certain amount of bravery for a person my age to be so open about his journey and process in a world filled with different points of views and beliefs. And hey I’m all for that! But still today many people need to be better educated on the subject and this is why I am so open about my life! Even if I can make just 1 person a little more accepting/understanding on the issue I will have succeeded. 

I am comfortable with who I am. And nothing anyone does or says about me will ever change that! Sure negative words hurt and in a world of social Media there are a lot of critics out there. My point of view is you focus on the positive and the rest does not matter. (It's kinda like something my parents always told me) - It dosent matter what anyone thinks or says about you, what really matters is how you truly feel and what you think!

I know, I was given this life for a reason and I plan to do everything I can to make people who are living with Gender Dysphoria understand that you are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you and most of all, you matter!

Donating to this cause would mean so much to me as I have directly been impacted by this reality. There is still much to be done, learned and taught to many people about the members of the LGBTQ2S + community! And I am simply trying to do my part to create awareness.

I honestly believe that in my lifetime so much more will be done! But today, I’m asking for your help because as a 12 year old I can only do so much and bang on so many doors. Rest assured though, I will always stand for what’s right and help try to push positive initiatives forward!

Please consider donating what you can every single dollar counts! 

With sincere gratitude and thanks,