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Papa Walks 4 Kids

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September 3, 2020

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Russell Mackay, Papa to many, has a big heart for kids.  He plans to walk from our hometown of Beachburg in the Ottawa Valley to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa. That's 125 km in 10 days.  While this would be an ambitious goal for anyone, Russell makes it even more inspirational as he is 82 years old, legally blind and diabetic. 

Why? When he was losing his sight about 15 years ago, he started going to an eye specialist in Ottawa attached to CHEO. Seeing the sick children always touched his heart and he vowed he would do what he could to help.  

As his neighbours will attest, since moving into Beachburg from our farm, Papa walks up and down the village sidewalks religiously every day.   He's decided to take that walk on the road to Ottawa to help raise money for CHEO.  We will have a trailer and a convoy to walk with him. Many laughs and stories will be shared along the way, all with heart for the cause.  

Papa is doing the walking and has committed to match the first $5000 you donate to get this kickstarted. He will be walking starting August 26th from Beachburg via River Road into Arnprior, by Carp and into Ottawa via Terry Fox Drive and Carling Avenue with the goal to arrive Friday, September 4th.  

What can you do to help?  #PapaWalks4Kids  #Hero4CHEO

Join us. Help spread the word.  Donate today and let's shatter his fundraising goals!

Do you have a business or organization that operates in the Ottawa Valley? Join in with some corporate support and get some great recognition on the 10 day journey to Ottawa!  Email [email protected] to become a #PapaWalks4Kids partner.