Trend Micro is an organization that looks beyond the business to do good in the world. As a sponsor since the inception of 24Hr Yogapalooza, we are excited to once again be back helping to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research at CHEO. 

Trend Micro is excited to be supporting 24Hr Yogapalooza with a special fundraising campaign through Trend employees. Called "Give & Match", Trend Micro's passionate employees--Trenders--are raising money to help CHEO, and the company will be matching all funds raised by Trend Micro employees to help make the total for 2023 even bigger for 24Hr Yogapalooza and CHEO. 

For Trend Micro employees: To donate for matching, click "Support Us" above or donate to a Trend Micro team member. All donations through this site above $25 will receive a donation receipt that you can submit for matching by sending to Nancy Lavigne via email.


Team Members