Last year with the help our our amazing friends and family, we were able to fundraise over 20,000$ as a team and this year we plan to beat it!

We are walking as a team to recognize the incredible accomplishments of our little Griffin, the team of nurses and doctors who helped contribute to Griff's success, as well as all the families who have and had Children who are fighting this awful disease.

On October 16th 2018, we received the most unimaginable news  about our little Griff. Griffin was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. We were completely blindsided, he showed no signs or symptoms and to say were were in shock and disbelief would be an understatement.  In November 2018 he received his first round of chemotherapy, he continued to have a total of 6. In March 2019, after the tumor had retracted enough off of vital veins, it was determined Griff would be able to go in for surgery. While they were uncertain if they would be able to retract it all, we remained hopeful and knew that no matter the outcome we were still moving forward. After 6 hours of surgery we were approached by his surgeon (who we cannot say enough good things about) and told he was able to remove IT ALL. That moment was something I could never express with words and something that I hope one day no other parent has to experience. On July 5th 2019, two weeks after his 2nd birthday,  our little Griffin rang the bell, signifying the end of cancer treatment!!

In March 2020 he will celebrate one year in remission, his MRI scans will drop to 1 every 6 months and the doctors will move slightly away from looking for signs of disease, to looking for side effects of chemotherapy. The gratitude, respect, thankfulness and love we have for the team at CHEO who have helped our sweet boy will be something we will carry for the rest of our lives. By participating in CN cycle for CHEO we hope to play a small part in thanking, helping and supporting all those who are effected by this awful disease. We are asking you to help us give back, give hope and give children like Griff a chance to celebrate their success.

We are participating in the CN Cycle for CHEO to ensure that CHEO remains a leader in creating better treatment options and finding new cures so that more kids survive cancer. We are committed to raising awareness and funds for cancer research, care and support. We need your help to do our part. A donation from you would get us closer to our goal, and help CHEO continue their life-saving work.


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