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Help the babies and kids at CHEO

A personal campaign sponsored by Rogers-Wong-Jacob Family

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CHEO saved our nephew Liam’s life when he came into the way too early about 7 years ago. The more than 100 days he spent in the neo natal intensive care unit cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; the excellent care he received from the doctors, nurses and other health professionals was world class.

In 2018 we lost our sister Casey to colon cancer, far too early in her life (for those 40 and over, ask you doctor, and get your screening done – colonoscopies save lives). Her one ask of us was that if we did anything in her name it be to raise money for Liam (she liked him better than us) and the miracle working folks at CHEO. 

On behalf of our whole family could I ask you to consider a donation to CHEO and the children whose lives it will save this year. 

Chad, Mark, Eileen, Andre, Rebecca, Jasmin & Liam. 

P.S. a contribution of $500, $360, $250 or $180 would go along way to help another boy or girl like Liam who needed a team of people to keep him alive for more than 100 days.