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A few years back an idea crossed my mind.  It was a little crazy and quite different, but would result in a unique and memorable way to raise money for CHEO. My mission is to create 'The Outdoor 24' - a 24 hour hockey game on the Ottawa Canal in order to raise funds for an amazing charity.  After many years of participating and organizing other charitable events, I, along with several partners, had decided to put this plan into motion. Due to the unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic and resulting inability to host large events, we have decided to scale back for this year. The goal, however, remains to bring the The Outdoor 24' to fruition within the next five years. So in the spirit of our future plans, we have decided to implement an online fundraiser so that we are still able to contribute to CHEO

We are raising money for the Child Life services to help staff, ensure kids and families can still enjoy the magic of the holiday season at CHEO. This fundraising page will help CHEO purchase toys, crafts, and distraction tools for Child Life staff, volunteers, and social workers to engage kids in therapeutic play, alleviate boredom during isolation, or provide relief for a parent hoping to calm a scared child. During these uncertain times of COVID-19, kids that are staying at CHEO, are not allowed visitors and cannot interact with each other in our playrooms. Your support will help keep kids from newborn to 18 years old entertained while they stay in their rooms. Community support has always brought festive cheer during the holiday season to CHEO and Roger Neilson House. Thanks you for supporting our fundraising campaign, so that CHEO's shelves are well stocked with toys, books, games, and thoughtful items for children and families