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The Casey & Liam Superhero Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by the Rogers Family

Support Me

2 years ago our sister Casey lost her battle with colon cancer. Casey’s heart was huge - she was happiest when caring and doing for others. In her memory, she asked that we continue to give back to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

The incredible team at CHEO saved Liam, Casey’s nephew. When he was born, Liam spent 92 nights in the CHEO NICU, attached to every machine possible. His recovery overcame all odds - he is a medical miracle. On May 17, Liam turns 4. He talks daily of Casey (Auntie Sweets) and is a healthy, strong, wild little boy. 

It costs $5000/day in the NICU.  In Casey’s memory, can you help us raise $5000 for CHEO to help other Liams?

Thank you,

Chad, Becky & Eileen