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Amy Volume's Birthday Wish

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Hi! I'm Amy from CHEZ106 and 92.1 CITI.

EDIT FOR 2020/2021: I will NOT be accepting in-person, physical donations this year due to COVID-19. Financial donations will go, 100%, to CHEO's Child Life Department. They will buy the toys, craft kits and other entertainment goods. 

When you're young it can be really tough having to miss out on parties, school events, holiday gatherings with friends and family because you're sick. Lucky for me, I do have fond memories from 5 West thanks to the wonderful DISTRACTIONS that came in the form of sticker books, arts & crafts, board games, movies, toys, blankets and more (yes, that's me in the background, smiling).

Leaving your hospital bed for the playroom, or having people bring toys and games to you on days when you can't move, really allows you to 'feel like a kid'. It's a magical feeling; one that helps remind us that smiling and laughing is good for the soul!

I'm turning 35 this year and, thanks to CHEO and Rogers Sports & Media, I'm asking you to celebrate with me by creating magical moments for others. 

If you can, please make a financial donation towards CHEO's Child Life department (who will purchase gifts on your behalf) or bring in new, unused, unwrapped items in original packaging (no latex, non-violent, ages 0 to 18, all genders) to Rogers Sports & Media Ottawa at 2001 Thurston Drive (near Walkley & Conroy) Monday to Friday during business hours.

Key items needed:

  • Arts and Crafts Supplies: Play-Doh, modelling clay, construction paper, scrapbook paper, origami paper/books, craft felt, water colour paper, acrylic paints, paint brushes, small canvasses (no wooden parts), pastels, markers, pencil crayons and crayons (no more than 8 packs), stickers, glitter, wooden crafts.
  • Distraction Tools:  Movies/video games rated E or G for everyone, board books, "I Spy" books, fiction and non-fiction books for all ages (English, French and Arabic), journals, children’s and adult coloring books, board games, puzzles for all ages, word search books, Sudoku, perrla beads, matchbox cars, trucks, planes, Legos, blocks, barnyard animals, zoo animals, TY beanie boos, dolls, Barbies, stress balls (no latex).