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Sometimes in our lives moments happen unexpectedly, and then everything changes drastically.  These moments can be good or bad, these moments can make us stronger, weaker, and teach us hard lessons.  One such moment occurred when our daughter Milana’s ‘Zia’ (‘aunt’ in Italian) was diagnosed with cancer.  Never in a million years would you think that this can happen to you or someone you know that is seemingly healthy and without ‘bad habits’.  We watched, prayed, and stood by ‘Zia’ as she fought this disgusting disease.  We cherished any good moment and faced fear with every bad moment.  We learned how strong we truly are when faced with something so life threatening, but not as strong as ‘Zia’.  We saw the change cancer can do, not only to the mind and body, but also to the physical appearance and self-esteem.  One thing we noticed is it doesn’t matter how much you tell your loved ones just how beautiful they are, they truly don’t see it in such an instance.  One of the hardest and most noticeable aspects we observed was when Milana’s ‘Zia’ lost her hair. Hearing her stories of how she had to go wig shopping inspired us.  It was not something ‘Zia’ took on well in the beginning.  We looked at our little girl Milana and reflected on how long and beautiful her hair is. We wanted to educate our Milana of the help, support and gifts she can give to others who are in the same boat as her ‘Zia’.  Milana was convinced that she would like to donate her hair to kids with cancer.  We are shocked this little girl who loves her long hair - and has been growing it for over five and a half (5 ½) years - wants to give this generous gift.   She understands that her hair will grow back, but more importantly she is helping others.  Although her Zia has recently kicked cancer in the butt, the lessons we learned has taught us ways to give back selflessly.  We pray for a world without disease, without cancer, and we wish for no child or any person to ever suffer. Together, we can help advance the research to wipe cancer off this Earth.  Milana will do her part in donating her hair; please help us by sponsoring Milana for additional support! Together, we can help make a positive difference in someone’s life.  
Thank you!
Linda and Piero Pisani (and Milana and Sienna)

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