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I have a personal connection to childhood cancer. My son, Cole, was diagnosed with stage 4 (that's as bad as it gets) Neuroblastoma at age 5. They found a 12 cm tumour in his abdomen which had also grown up a vein into his heart, filling it to the point that it was ready to stop. It had also spread to his lungs and liver. Against the odds and with help from the caring team at CHEO, Cole is with us today. This year was a special milestone although every year is a gift...Cole finished second year university, and  we will celebrate 13 years cancer free. What an amazing thing. Now going to university and living his best life, he's a daily reminder of how important it is to have a facility like CHEO in our community to take care of our kids. 
24Hr Yogapalooza is now going into our 5th year, with over $370,000 raised for childhood cancer research at CHEO! This year, we think we can do more...a lot more. But we need you to get involved, to donate...or BOTH! 🙂

Cole Neville at 5 years old, about 3 months into his 14 month treatment. CHEO was central to his life-saving treatment and recovery. He just finished his second year at the University of amazing!