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Team Captain Team Hope 24Hr Yogapalooza 2024

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My Goal

My goal is to raise as much money as possible for childhood cancer care and research at CHEO. I will be volunteering my time at the upcoming events as part of the fundraising initiatives.

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, have had a loved one diagnosed with cancer or looking to give back to your community, 24Hr Yogapalooza is a fantastic opportunity to help kids and their families facing cancer. Going into its 7th year, this annual fundraiser supports childhood cancer care and research at CHEO. We are so excited to once again be back at the beautiful Ottawa Art Gallery for 24 hours of yoga, with two twelve-hour sessions across two days, all in support of children and youth facing cancer.

Upcoming Events - Join Me!

  • Friday June 21st, 9 pm - Summer Solstice Strawberry Full Moon Yin Yoga - Strathcona Park, 25 Range Road - Ottawa
  • Monday Aug. 19th - Full Moon Yoga, Great Lawn at Lansdowne Park
  • 24Hr Yogapalooza - The Main Event!   September 21 & 22nd, 8 am to 8 pm on both days, Ottawa Art Gallery  

Our fundraising efforts lead up to our incredible main event! 24Hr Yogapalooza - a 24-hour "yogathon" across two 12-hour days of yoga!  Attendees and fundraisers are welcome to join in any number of the 24 one-hour long yoga classes taught by amazing teachers across the Ottawa region.

The Words "Childhood" and "Cancer" Should Never Be Put Together

Last year, the number of kids newly diagnosed with cancer at CHEO was over 89, and more than 500 children were in various stages of cancer treatment. A cancer diagnosis is life altering, resulting in aggressive treatments and an uncertain future for kids and their families.  CHEO is constantly working to ensure children can get the care they deserve, working to find innovative treatments to offer safer and gentler care.

Physical and Emotional Support for Patients

Thanks to community support, CHEO’s Massage Therapy Program helps meet the needs of children and youth worn and worried by their cancer treatments. This specialized form of therapy can lower stress, ease tension and pain, reduce anxiety and help make patients feel more physically and emotionally relaxed. This past year, 59 patients received services in over 229 massage sessions. For children suffering from the side effects of their cancer treatment, donors help CHEO offer therapeutic massage therapy to help alleviate some of the pain and distress they experience. 

CHEO’s dedicated services for oncology patients include a team focused on emotional and mental health. An important member of this group is an oncology psychologist who supports a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying, diagnosing and supporting the mental health needs of children and youth.   Children and youth who are currently in treatment are encouraged to talk about their fears and hopes for the future, while cancer survivors learn to cope with lingering effects of their treatment. 

Supporting Oncology Research & Continuing Education at CHEO 

Meet Dr. Zakia Djaoud! Her current research at the University of Ottawa and the CHEO Research Institute investigates how specific human immune cell populations can efficiently kill virus-infected cells and cancer cells. Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Djaoud and her work at CHEO.

Investing in continuing education so CHEO’s staff are kept up to date with current knowledge is a core value at CHEO.

Helping Families Manage Medication Costs

Many families face tremendous logistical and financial challenges during their child’s treatment. Treatment for children with cancer can last multiple years, often one parent may need to give up work to be with their sick child. Medication costs for oncology treatments can be especially high and some medications are not covered by government or by private insurance plans. The team at CHEO works closely with families to exhaust all options available including applications to pharmaceutical companies based on compassionate grounds. In some circumstances, donor funds are used to directly support these families.