Meet "Ariadne's Yogis of Hope"!

We are thrilled to introduce our dynamic trio participating in this yoga-thon event for CHEO. Let’s meet the team:

First, we have Virginie, yoga-enthusiast, energetic mom and the founder of Ariadne Coaching, an Ottawa-based company that supports emotional intelligence and wellbeing through career coaching. Whether she's leading a coaching session or perfecting her downward dog, Virginie embodies the spirit of mindfulness and empowerment. Her mission at Ariadne Coaching is to guide individuals to their full potential, and today, she's channeling that same passion into fundraising efforts in support of childhood cancer research.

Next up is Ben, loving dad, and marathonian with a zen twist. When he's not writing short stories, you'll find him practicing his tree pose in the backyard. Ben is the grounding force of our team, always ready with a calming presence. His dedication to our cause is unwavering, and he's excited to bring his yoga practice to a whole new level to support children fighting cancer.

And let's not forget our little yoga prodigy, Léandre! At just 8 years old, Léandre is already a budding yogi with a heart full of love and laughter. His favorite pose is the playful 'Downward Dog' that reminds him of his best friend, Zilia the cockapoo!! His infectious enthusiasm, wits and humour keep our team motivated and smiling. Léandre reminds us all of the importance of joy and resilience, especially when facing life's challenges. We are very proud to have him join us for this important cause!

Please be kind and generous! Donate to our cause so we can make a difference!

Below is a photo of our mascot, Zilia, in her favorite yoga pose for Savasana.