Aug. 11th will mark 10 years of my late husband Wayne Pitman's passing.
In memory of Wayne, and in the hope to do something meaningful to help those who are embracing their cancer journey, I decided to join a special fund raiser hosted by a long time Yoga teacher of mine. #24hrYogaPalooza for #CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

One moment during the very early stages of Wayne's cancer journey, that I still clearly remember, was when we were waiting in the hospital lounge for his 1st radiation treatment. We were both scared and not sure where life is taking us ... then we saw this little boy no more than 5-6years old, reaching up from the portable hospital bed, to ring the bell that celebrated completion of his cancer treatment at long last ... He looked really weak, yet determined to reach the bell on his own. What was most special was the incredible smile on his face ... that smile touched my heart ... and it made me smile as well ... somehow it also made that first treatment less terrifying.

As hard as it was for my family to walk through Cancer through Wayne, I can't even imagine how much harder it must have been for that young boy, who likely have spent half of his life going through it ... Yet, still he was smiling.
His brilliant smile that day taught me when embracing challenges in life, we need that courage to keep smiling ... to keep going ... That day, that little boy gave Wayne and I lots to think about ... he gave us the courage to face our cancer journey. He gave me a lesson I still benefits from today.

Although this is not a professional life related post, I think it is relevant for every aspect of our lives ... Hope it reminds us all to keep smiling and keep moving forward even during the most challenging times.

I believe in the cost to help improve cancer care for children in Ottawa, to enable those little ones facing harsh challenges better chance to ring their celebration bell sooner ...

Thank you for considering to
 support me on this