Acosta-Pickering Family

Ollie was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in November 2019 when he was 7 years old. His battle with cancer was pretty bumpy with multiple relapses in his central nervous system that caused him to go blind and need a stem cell transplant. 

 Unfortunately Ollie relapsed in his brain again just after his 11 year old sister Abby had donated stem cells for him and just 8 days before he was supposed to have the transplant. Thankfully he was able to get back into remission with brain and spine radiation and a new drug obtained under compassionate grounds.

He finally got his transplant on July 20, 2020 thanks to his sister Abby's incredible stem cells and is doing great today!

Ollie spent more than 150 days and 104 nights at CHEO during treatment in the first year. In the year since his transplant he's been there multiple times a month and has now graduated to just once every 3 months with scabs every 6 months. We remain so grateful to CHEO for all that they've done to get Ollie well.

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