I am so inspired by all the volunteers with 24 Hr Yogapalooza  who have helped us raise $130,000 in 3 years. Nearly 100 teachers and over 600 participants have participated so far and this year promises to be even bigger. 

Then there are the amazing doctors, research scientists, nurses and support staff that all work to help children live their best lives  

CHEO is here for our children, but they need our help to fund cancer research such as immunotherapy. This is why I chose to take part in this amazing 24 Hour marathon of yoga, called 24 Hr Yogapalooza raising money in support of Childhood Cancer and CHEO

This year we plan to release one or two videos each day for 24 days and I will do at least 24 and may even do some headstands  again🙏  We have about 30 amazing teachers donating yoga classes this year ! You are welcome to join us and do as much yoga as you like and help us raise money  pm me if interested 

Will you please sponsor me to help us raise money for childhood cancer research?


Thank you