If there is one thing yoga represents it's community. Through yoga combining our breath through movement and mediation we nurture our body and mind.  Together as a community lets nurture our children through 24 hours of yoga &  the 24 Hr Yogapalooza 2020 event.

CHEO does so many amazing things for our children but research into Childhood Cancer is heavily underfunded. This is why I chose to take part in this amazing 24 Hour marathon of yoga, called 24 Hr Yogapalooza raising money in support of Childhood Cancer and CHEO

I plan to do the full 24 hours for the third consecutive year and do 1 headstand every hour, which is incredibly challenging physically and mentally.  Even doing more than a few hours will be difficult but the bottom line is, "I'll stop doing yoga when children stop getting cancer".

Will you please sponsor me to help the children ?


Thank you