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Kethy S-K

24Hr Yogapalooza 2020


My name is Kethy S-K Sangaré. I am a Cameroonian - Canadian Black
woman (she/her) living/working in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. I am a
200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with a background in ashtanga and
vinyasa hatha yoga. I teach Slow Yoga Flows that are accessible to
Beginners. This yoga practice is meant to be taken at one's own pace,
letting go of expectations and meeting the body and the mind in the
present. Mindful movements — strengthening and stretching muscles —
while focusing on the rhythm of our breath. Be kind and gentle to
yourself. Breath. Move. Modify. Rest. Go hard. Go slow. Do you. I am
only here to guide you. The journey is all yours. Enjoy!

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Instagram – kethysk
Facebook – Yoga with Kethy