Hi, my name is Cade and I'm almost 9 years old.

I started growing my hair because of my friend William who grew his hair and cut it at the April 2018 fundraiser. So I thought that was a good idea too. My papa died of Cancer almost 6 years ago, my uncle has cancer and our neighbour at the trailer who was only 3yrs old passed away from Cancer. I have been growing my hair since December 2017. Growing and donating my hair will give other people the chance to feel good about themselves. I think growing my hair is important because I will feel good about myself and know that I did something nice. 

I have been called a girl a lot since I started growing my hair, but it's worth it. My hockey team knows me as Cade "The Hair" Godkin. 

My friend's mom has been growing her hair with me and will be getting it cut at the same time. My hair is about 8 inches long right now. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully donating! 

CADE "the hair" Godkin

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