Leah MacMillan

Trend Micro 24HR Yogapalooza 2019

A cold day in November, 2014, was a day our family will never forget. During our first ever visit to CHEO, one of my 13-year old twin boys was diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous brain tumour. That was the first of over 100 visits to CHEO that would occur in the next year as my son endured chemo, radiation and countless tests on his path to healing.

We are forever grateful to CHEO and its amazing team of doctors, nurses and specialists that have cared for him over the years. Thanks to CHEO, my son is now a strong, healthy 18-year old who is excited to graduate high school, work in high tech this summer, and begin his Engineering degree at University this fall.

In conjunction with 24Hr Yogapalooza 2019, please help me support the CHEO Foundation and change the lives of kids living with cancer.  

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