Velia Williams

2018 CHEO Telethon

I’m fundraising for CHEO during this year’s Telethon because of the influence CHEO has had on our daughter Grace’s health The CHEO Telethon is a unique opportunity to learn about the work that goes on every day at CHEO, hear the stories of children and youth who rely on cutting-edge treatment and their families who need a helping hand. CHEO asked Grace to partipate in the telethon both on radio and as a co-host on the TV on June 10. As some of you may know Grace has suffered from severe asthma since before the age of two, and has had multiple visits to the emergency department and has had many inpatient stays to stabilize her.  Not being able to breath properly was unfortunately a “ normal” for her. For the last few years she has been followed closely by the respirology department at CHEO, and they have worked hard come up with a very personalized plan that has given Grace the opportunity to breath easier and partipate in activities such as dance and rugby. Much less school is missed these days.   Because the CHEO Telethon begins online this year you can access interviews, stories and more on as well as tuning into the live broadcast on CTV June 9 and 10. I’m hoping you will be inspired to help me raise funds to support CHEO. Please donate today through my page so we can both be a #Hero4CHEO. 

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