Lindsay Hitchcock

2018 CHEO Telethon

Hi! I’m fundraising for CHEO during this year’s Telethon because I want to make sure that our children’s hospital can provide the best care for patients and support to their families during difficult times. The CHEO Telethon is a unique opportunity to learn about the work that goes on every day at CHEO, hear the stories of children and youth who rely on cutting-edge treatment and their families who need a helping hand. I am writing to you today to share a short personal video of my experience with CHEO . During our time there, I learned three important lessons. 1) You can handle anything when you don't have a choice ; 2) the word "urgent" is wildly overused in the public service; and 3) modern medicine doesn't have all the answers- not even for little things. That is why CHEO needs our help- to provide the best possible care to our kids, and to advance research to help all children live their best life. I hope that my experience will inspire you to help me raise funds to support CHEO. Please donate today through my page so we can both be a #Hero4CHEO.(PS. Grab your tissues!)

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