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Punching with Purpose Challenge 2022

What is the Punching With Purpose 4 CHEO Challenge?

The Phoenix Boxing "Punching With Purpose" Event is an annual (since 2012) heavy bag punching marathon-fundraiser for CHEO. It’s a great opportunity for our Boxers and Gym to contribute to our community and be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually!

This is the FIRST year our PWP Challenge goes HYBRID!

PWP Boxers from BOTH Virtual/Online Classes and In Person Classes are welcome and encouraged to join the PWP Team and Punch With PURPOSE and raise money for CHEO!

What are the PWP 2022 Goals?

1. PWP Boxers will commit to:
 Getting to class in June and/or July

2. Dedicate their workouts to CHEO!

3. Raise $10,000.00 for CHEO’s Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology Department

To join in this year’s challenge, please visit:

Click on the video link HERE

For more information, please email

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