24Hr Yogapalooza 2021 Virtual Edition

Join us on September 24, 2021

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24Hr Yogapalooza 2021 Virtual Edition: Sept. 24 – Oct 17.

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast, or just looking to give back to your community, 24Hr Yogapalooza is an incredible opportunity to help kids with cancer. Going into its fourth year, this annual fundraiser supports childhood cancer treatments and research at CHEO. 

Kids Can’t Fight Cancer Alone

There are over 500 children in various stages of cancer treatment each year at CHEO. A cancer diagnosis is life altering, it can mean aggressive treatments and an uncertain future. CHEO is constantly working to find innovative treatments to offer safer and gentler care to children and youth.

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Fundraising efforts lead up to our new virtual 24Hr Yogapalooza event - 24 hours of yoga over 24 days. We are once again virtual in 2021, with a new class released daily for 24 days. Now everyone can join all 24 classes on your own time, supporting your own health and the kids at CHEO battling cancer. 

A Fast-Growing Fundraiser

Starting in 2018 with just a small group of like-minded yogis with a desire to make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer, 24Hr Yogapalooza raised over $24,000! 2019 saw incredible growth, doubling the total raised to $53,212, with over 140 people involved. 2020 saw us raise over $53,000 again with over 400 people joining us online to do yoga for the kids, bringing the three-year total to over $130,000!


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Our 2021 Goal: 

Our goal has always been to raise as much money as possible for kids with cancer at CHEO. This year we know that things are still different, so we have adjusted our goals...but we are still committed to making a difference in the lives of kids with cancer. For 2021, we want to make sure that we not only maximize the money raised for childhood cancer research, but also raise awareness of the challenges faced by kids with cancer, all through our 24 hours of yoga over 24 days! With the help of the people like you, the community, and our incredible sponsors, we know we can do it!

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Our Sponsors:

24Hr Yogapalooza 2021 is presented by Tony Graham Automotive Group, with support from Trend Micro

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