2021 CHEO Telethon - Aidan

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When Aidan was born he seemed perfectly healthy and his parents went home with their beautiful baby. As for all newborns in Ontario, Aidan had access to newborn screening, a heel-prick test which led to a phone call 10 days later telling his parents to bring him to CHEO.

In an incredible twist of fate only six days prior to Aidan’s birth a rare condition had been added to the list of things that Newborn Screening would check for: spinal muscular atrophy or SMA. Up until then there had been no way to reverse the course of this devastating neuromuscular condition but thanks to new treatment options it was added to the screening. Aidan became the first baby in Canada to be identified with SMA and was able to start his treatment at just three weeks old. The decades of research that led to this moment changed the course of Aidan’s life. Instead of facing a progressive and debilitating condition, Aidan is expected to develop with no limits due to SMA.

A happy boy that’s always on the move, Aidan continues to amaze his parents and the team at CHEO as he breezes through his developmental milestones.

Watch this inspiring story to learn more about how research is changing lives like Aidan’s.