2021 CHEO Telethon - Chris

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At just 12 years of age, Chris Vallée was admitted to CHEO for treatment of anorexia nervosa. Up until Chris was diagnosed, he didn’t know that he had an eating disorder, believing that he didn’t qualify as skinny enough. Over the course of six years, Chris was admitted to CHEO several times for treatment. While his journey was not always smooth, Chris worked very hard with the help of teams at CHEO to find a way out of the maze of disordered eating and negative self-image.

Today, Chris is an advocate for mental health and wants others to know that with the right treatment there’s always hope. Chris speaks to kids at CHEO in the same treatment program he sat in years ago, hoping that as a former patient he can provide hope and encouragement. His commitment to giving back comes from a deep understanding of how powerful words are and how much good they can do.

Watch to learn more about this resilient mental health advocate.