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Escape From Quarantine 2021

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****Donation Required: Escape From Quarantine Mission Control****

Commander, as mentioned in our previous correspondence, we are in desperate need of your assistance on a classified mission, and we are relieved to hear that you have accepted our request. At this time, our scientists and engineers are preparing new technology which will allow us to send your specialized flight crew back in time to distribute the vaccine and save the world from the yet-to-come pandemic.

I hope at this point you have assembled the best and the brightest to serve as your co-pilots on this mission. We will need everyone’s assistance if this mission is going to be a success. 
When you are ready to begin the mission, please submit your donation and then visit this webpage, once you have received the thank you email containing your confidential access code.

The fate of the world depends on you –good luck!


Escape From Quarantine    





Funds raised will benefit children and youth at CHEO, BC Children’s Hospital, and SickKids. Tax receipts for all donations made through the Escape From Quarantine fundraising portal will be issued exclusively by the CHEO Foundation. For all receipt related questions, please contact the CHEO Foundation directly at or 1-800-561-5638.