September Childhood Cancer Awareness - SM

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You have the power to help a child

Did you know that every year an average of 75 children are diagnosed with cancer at CHEO, 200 patients are in active treatment and another 300 patients are followed in the aftercare program? In 2018, we saw that number spike to 95 new diagnoses and hope this trend will not continue. A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment for families. They face a long road of aggressive treatment and an uncertain future. Every resource CHEO has must be ready to tackle each case. To ensure that CHEO can give these children and youth the care they deserve, we need you. 

Beyond the medical expertise, life-saving equipment and cutting-edge research there are so many ways to support these young cancer patients. Donors at all levels truly make a difference in CHEO’s ability to address the challenges that our patients go through. 



Oral Thermometer 

Providing the fastest, most accurate readings. Standard reading in less than four seconds, advanced accuracy reading in less than six. This compact, user-friendly tool gives caregivers a clear picture of a child’s temperature whether in hospital or at home. 



Pediatric Wig 

Children and youth who lose their hair due to chemotherapy can feel self-conscious. Donors help staff to purchase wigs that are specially designed for children. As a donor you help patients with their self-esteem and to feel more like themselves. 



CHEO Oncology Social Work Fund

This represents the cost of monthly life-saving medication for one CHEO patient. This fund helps families when they need it the most. There are many expenses that families face. Donors also provide the resources that assist with travel, accommodation, rental of equipment and supplies. 



Medical Play Doll

Learning through play is extremely important at CHEO. These dolls are used to demonstrate medical procedures to children before their treatment – for example administering chemotherapy. Giving kids a chance to see what is going to happen and have a chance to try giving the procedure to the doll is educational, calming and lets them take control of a situation that is scary and otherwise out of their hands. 


Chemotherapy Pumps

These devices, which can be taken home in a backpack or fanny pack, are the established standard of care for patients who have relapsed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Being able to go home means crucial treatment continues in greater comfort, surrounded by loved ones, pets and familiar things while reducing time spent in hospital.