Lorie Duff Gobi Desert Cup for CHEO (CE)

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Why I am Racing

My journey in the equine industry has taken me to places I only dreamed of, and the Gobi Desert is for sure one of them. I never would have predicted that I would be given such a great honour to represent my country, Canada, in an endurance race halfway around the world.

I am so fortunate to have two amazing parents that love me beyond anything. My mom and dad gave me the strength to conquer so many struggles in my life. I’m so proud to be their daughter!  My mom always taught me if you aren’t going to do it with love, don’t do it at all.  I live my entire life that way, with love; love for all my family and friends, my community that believes in me, and my love of horses.

I put a lot of thought into participating in this race as I’m not a competitor anymore. As an educator, trainer and a professional I wouldn’t have imagined I would find myself driven to do a race, but this particular race was calling to me. As I thought about all the struggles along my life’s journey, I thought, “If I do this, I want it to mean something.”

My daughter Callie, was diagnosed late last year with a skin disease, and we have been actively working with CHEO, here In Ottawa. It has been overwhelming to have such great support and help from everyone at CHEO. My daughter is my whole heart and I’m so proud of her for facing all the struggles she has faced in her short life of only 16 years old. She’s my pride and joy, happy and smiling always.

The journey to accept the invitation to represent Canada, for the 2018 Gobi Desert Cup started with a humbled response of “yes”, combined with my decision to dedicate my race to the CHEO Foundation and urgent needs at CHEO. For every kilometer I race, I will be taking pledges that will go towards urgent needs at CHEO.  I’m thrilled to partner with the CHEO Foundation for this amazing adventure. It brings a deeper meaning to my race, allows me to support CHEO and demonstrate my gratitude for the work they do.

I am looking forward to the next steps, showcasing my horsemanship while honouring the Mongolian culture, their amazing people, land and horses!!