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Camp Banting is Canada’s longest running camp for children living with type I diabetes. In 2018, we’ll welcome fifty-six children to join our camp family under the August sun. 2018 marks a major milestone for Camp Banting as it continues under its own sails as an independent camp for children living with type 1 diabetes. Camp Banting will continue with its existing medical leadership and volunteers intact; sourced from long-attending alumni. Camp Banting connects children with type 1 diabetes with other children and youth in their community who are living with the same diagnosis. Camp Banting creates a community of support where campers don’t feel the need to hide or explain their diabetes; they are free to play and grow as children, learning confidence and diabetes management in an organic way. Camp Banting also provides a community of support for parents and guardians of children living with diabetes. This localized community allows families going through similar experiences to support, grow, and learn from each other. Almost all of the Camp Banting counsellors live with diabetes, and were campers themselves. Their leadership reinforces our community and culture.

Camp Banting is now responsible for obtaining its own sponsorship and donations. Funds received through the CHEO Foundation go directly to helping Camp Banting’s diabetes camp program in Eastern Ontario. We use these donations to support children who otherwise couldn’t go to camp, and to create and implement a safe and positive camping experience for children living with type 1 diabetes. Please consider donating to help further our cause, and help to empower a child living with type 1 diabetes.