I understand that the CHEO Foundation does not store credit card numbers but instead uses payment tokens for monthly donations or when the donor consents for the Foundation to save payment information. The CHEO Foundation stores online payment information when you click the “Donate” button and have either chosen to be a monthly donor or to have the donation system save your payment information. If either of these scenarios apply to this transaction, clicking on the “Donate” button signifies acceptance of these terms and indicates your authorization for the CHEO Foundation to store credentials in compliance with payment processing regulations for use at a later time. This agreement is valid through the life of the monthly donation contract or until you expressly indicate to the CHEO Foundation that you no longer wish us to store your payment information. Updates to the payment terms of service are communicated by email to the account holder. You can cancel a scheduled transaction,  request a refund, or request to have your payment information removed from our system by contacting kleblanc@cheofoundation.com.